Zentangle 101 evening

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paradox bijou tileI hosted a small Zentangle 101 class at my home on Thursday night, and it was lovely! I forget how quickly the time goes in these classes. There is so much I want to tell students, and I try to do it in 2 hours, but could easily take 3 to get it all in. This time, our individual tiles weren’t completed because I thought it would be fun to try a mono-tangle on a bijou tile.IMG_3510.JPG One of my students was going through a ring of tangle pattern tags I made, and wouldn’t you know she found Paradox in there and mentioned working on something like it in school.

I had planned on doing the mono tangle in Munchin, but Paradox was a good challenge, and these people were definitely up to it, they did a great job! I always have a hard time with Paradox unless I’m completely undisturbed, so as a safeguard I had us number the sides of our tiles, so we had a frame of reference. It is easy to get lost in this one if you lose your concentration! This was how the bijou tiles came out, I think they’re great!

bijou paradox from 101 classWe did get pretty far on our main tiles. It really is amazing how everyone does each tangle differently, and the mix of tangles blend together well on each tile. Just the variation in line weights and smoothness make each one so interesting.


I added a little extra complexity here by asking everyone to use Tipple as the background behind Hollibaugh, but it seemed a good way to work it in. It is quite time consuming though, I think it is likely everyone will finish at home. One of my students had heard of Zentangle while visiting her mom in FL, and looked me up for when she got back IMG_3511.JPGhome. She even brought her travel journal to show us how she’d been able to use Zentangle to defang flight anxiety on the trip. Another positive use for total focus!

Each time I get together with students, I am amazed at how just the experience of concentrating on something similar in a shared environment can bring a closeness to total strangers. It is a wonderful thing, I am so glad I can share it with others—because I get to meet some really neat people!

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