tripoli triptastic!

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challenge 244 from the Diva, “tripoli triptastic!” is to do what you will with the tangle tripoli. this happens to also be one of my favorites, as it is quite rewarding to draw and will repay with interesting results when you change sizes a wee bit. it takes a lot of concentration to make it work consistently, which ends up being super relaxing in the end! these are both exclusively tripoli, i think it stands just fine on its own, though I do use it frequently in my 8×10 pieces. Micron, graphite & General’s pastels.


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  1. Danni O'Brien, CZT
    | Reply

    Both of your tiles are wonderful, I love the positive/negative play between the two. Your shading and color play are just great!

  2. Ragged Ray
    | Reply

    I really like what you’ve done with Tripoli. Especially the one on the right, I wondered how it would look to leave them unfilled and you’ve shown me. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jean Chaney
    | Reply

    I can see why you use it a lot. You are a master of Tripoli.

  4. Jenny
    | Reply

    Lovely tiles. I very much agree with you – Tripoli makes you concentrate more, and therefore brings out the “Zen” that we all aspire to!

  5. Ulrike B
    | Reply

    both tiles are beautiful

  6. Anja
    | Reply

    Beautiful tiles!

  7. 1 Art Lady Kate Tangles
    | Reply

    Both are beautiful but I love the second one!

  8. Ilse
    | Reply

    Very well drawn, lovely results!

  9. Yorkshire Tortoise
    | Reply

    Both tiles are great, but I think the second is a little more unusual. I must try colouring or decorating the gaps as a change to the centres.

  10. Annemarie
    | Reply

    I like both, they are beautiful in their own (different) way.

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