tiny and tinier masterpieces

twinchie inchie imagemy latest swap group is going out on Monday, and it is cooler than I expected. twinchie-inchie is the theme, with a 2″ square tile and a related 1″ square tile. Anything goes on the larger one, the smaller one is restricted to a single tangle that was used on its sibling.

these are done on bristol board that I cut down to the required sizes in advance. i’ve seen that other swappers penciled in the squares on large sheets and did all the tiles on one large piece, then cut apart. i gotta admit, the tiny squares were fiddly enough that I will probably do it that way next time.

I used my staedtler .30 rapidograph to do these, with dick blick black cat waterproof ink. the rapidograph requires more precise hand control than micron felt tip pens, and I wasn’t great at maintaining my usual line quality on these tiny tiles. steady lines can be overrated—i know that some people have inherently shaky hands, and that can add a really nice movement to their artwork (though they usually don’t agree). this was a good exercise for me, to see what less control can look/feel like. i just got a set of 12 faber-castell polychromos colored pencils to play around with, and I used them on these tiles mostly in just one color per set, to try them out, no blending. well, i used all but the browns and blacks, because boring.

here are all the tile duos, click to embiggen. i have to admit i did not keep careful track of the names of tangles on all of these, so i will have to reverse engineer them. i’ll put the names on as they come to me. if you know one that i haven’t put in, do tell (click the commenty icon at the top, or scroll waaaaay down for the comment section). sometimes i just see a shiny new tangle and use it without paying attention to details. (all images are at screen resolution, details on why i do that are here.)

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