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IMG_4354I’ve signed up for another swap, back in November—we get three months to complete them, and I as expected with the holidays and classes, I’m taking that allowance to the bleeding edge. the challenarwal-booklet-covernge this time was to only use tangles with names that start with N, in black and white. narwal is a favorite pattern of mine, so I took this as an opportunity to get really good at drawing it. they came out pretty well, though after a while it did get monotonous shading them…. there are precious few tangles that start with N, I realized after I had signed up. oops. these aren’t the most inspired interpretations, but they were relaxing to do. still, my favorite part of doing these swaps is taking pictures of my little pile of results—and packaging them to send out. getting the artwork from my fellow swappers is nice, but somehow not as nice as sending it away. I think I like creating art I don’t have to store. I’ve made a simple coloring book out of the inked artwork from before I shaded it, it’s free, feel free to download & print, just click the image at right for the link:

below is a gallery of what I sent out, click to embiggen or hover for the exact tangle names on each.

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