printemps and silk on vacation

Pictured, my fabulous sister Kate at left, my mom and our sister-friend Julie-Anne slaving over cool scarves. Divine!

this week I’m vacationing at my sister’s house in Macomb, IL, where they have a thriving art community. This evening we signed up for a silk scarf painting class at the WCIAC this evening, it was a blast! It was a “byob” affair, so we got to paint silk scarves, and shared different wines as well, win-win!

the class was taught by Mary Schuytema, who runs a program called Art Time Out locally, and is also a Dick Blick project developer (talk about a dream job!).just a few more inches to go before I can go look at the others!IMG_3418.JPG

a Great time was had, so many pretty scarves were made, and I learned some interesting things. naturally, I had to put my mad zentangle skillz to work. I didn’t get my share of socializing in because I was so engrossed in embellishing my scarf with printemps. it was delightful, and came out really well I think, kind of muddy copper blue green with goldy-coppery swirls. love it!


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