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IMG_4883-800another swap in the mail this week. I did not love this one, which was set up to use just two “strings” or outlines for the design. I chose the one I like the best, though I’m not super thrilled with either one. I think I was carried away by valentine exhuberance. regardless, the tiles came out pretty well, all things considered. certainly I can’t beat slanted morning light for taking advantage of sparkles!

my intent was to watercolor the backgrounds and then draw in a pen that was similar to one of the colors. it worked okay, but not as well as I liked. I used 140# watercolor paper from a pad, which I cut down into tiles. I soaked the tiles in water and then sprinkled them with brusho and a bit of sprayed water. I was really surprised that the sizing soaked out of the paper almost immediately, like, it went from stiff wc paper to flimsy might as well be copy paper in just a couple minutes. I guess I expected it to hold up a little better, more like wc paper bought in sheets. not so much.

it still worked pretty well, but I was hoping that the soaking and even drying would result in a flat surface. nope. all the tiles have been embellished with sparkle gel pens because why not! I’ve put the tangles if I remembered them (so annoying when I forget to pencil tangle names onto the back while I’m working). here they are:

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