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another card and initial tile, this time for my own mom. it’s nice to have something personal I can create that I am pretty sure will be well-received. gifts get harder as people get older and have, well, everything. or they buy it on a whim, so unless I figure out something they’ll want before they do, it is difficult.

this one is also a tile mounted on watercolor stock (strathmore watercolor card blanks). I used schminke watercolors this time, both for the background wash and for the foreground swirls with the liner pen, along with a few swirls done in metallic gel pen for accent. this tile was inked using a sakura micron, so no running ink on this one. colors are all schminke wc, which are really bright (I love them). the peacock pattern came out really well with them. this time I did a bright orange underlay on the initial before laying down a couple layers of fin tec gold. I think it came out a little brighter, but I’m not sure, I also used a different color of gold. I should do some side by side samples to test it. I hope she likes it! do you think she’ll notice the morse code tossed in with the mysst?

IMG_3754x700 IMG_3759x700 IMG_3762x700

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