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a card and initial tile for my mother-in-law. she’s delightful, but she’s reached the point in life where she’s got everything she wants, or buys it for herself, so best bets are consumables or small artwork for gift giving opportunities. things that don’t take up much space, just in case.

anyway, this one was fun to do. it is inked in Noodler’s Heart of Darkness, which says it is “bulletproof” but did run a wee bit on the leaves, though I rather like the effect. I think the ink itself is probably pretty impervious generally, I just didn’t give it a lot of resting time before painting on it. usually I wait a day or two, this time it was an hour or two.  the watercolor is done with Inktense pencils, which are waterproof once they dry, so that is nice, they stay put for layering. gold is fin tec, for calligraphy, it is nice and sparkly, and less fiddly than leaf.

I made a backing card by doing a watercolor wash, and then mixing up some watercolors and using a paint liner pen to make a variegated overlay of printemps to fill in the space. there are some gold swirls thrown in for fun. I expect she’ll throw the card out and keep the tile. [edit: she was happy with both, kept the tile.]

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