garlic cloves

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This week’s challenge on the SquareOne fb grimg_6783oup is to use the tangle “garlic cloves,” which I did a couple of times. at left is my shot at it using knightsbridge & printemps on a black Bijou tile. It’s a little dark, I took the photo at night with artificial light. I am not in love with the way the white pen shades under graphite, but I do like the depth achieved by putting an ink line around the edge of the “cloves.”

below is the full-size tile I actually did first using a tangle called Brrst and pokeroot. A bit better on the shading. Drawing garlic cloves is actually very relaxing, once you’ve set down the dots for this pattern, you can go pretty mindlessly (or mindfully) to make each segment. I noticed that I’m not the only one who had this reaction, several people uploaded entire tiles of just this one pattern, (a monotangle, as it were) because they just couldn’t stop drawing it.


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