follow your nature

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12 follow your nature smBy a bit of a kook named Dane Rudhyar, this is one of my favorite sayings. I used it in this template on TangledType this Spring with single line lettering. I saw an interesting ink drip artwork on pinterest and tried making a drippy frame around this one. I actually did it several times; I get a lot of mileage out of scanning and then continuing to add on a printed copy, so I’ve got each step just in case I don’t like the next one as well. I do use a heavier weight printer paper for this, though.

When you think about it, home printer paper, all by itself, is a bit of a miracle. It’s only in the last 60 years or so that people in general had access to something that was machined to such tight tolerances and cleanliness. We totally take it for granted now, but take a close look at it. Kings of old did not have access to such finery as our humble printer paper.

Something to think about.


india ink & micron on 80# printer paper

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