hollibaugh etc 72In addition to occasional scheduled classes, I accept reservations for private classes of 4–6 people at my home or yours. (Zentangle classes are best in collaborative groups.) Please email me using the form below if you are interested in a class, or in setting up classes at your home or office. So that all students have the same starting point, I require everyone to start with the Introduction class that teaches the basics of the Zentangle method, Zentangle 101. From there the classes build on that foundation. (Even if you’ve been tangling on your own for a while, I’ll be demonstrating techniques you won’t find on the internet.)

Class Details & Fees

Classes start at $40 per person if paid before the class, $45 the day of the class.
All class materials are included in the fee.
Classes last between 90 minutes and 2.5 hours.
Individual lessons are available at the rate of $75 for 90 minutes.
Large groups (more than 10 people), customized classes, party and school pricing is available, please contact me with your needs. I accept PayPal via email, online or via credit card in person (You do not need a PayPal account, but you will need a credit card.)

Detail pages for my classes: start with Zentangle 101; continue with any of these: String Thing, Grayscale & Grids, Renaissance!, Dyeing Tiles, Using Color, Exploring Dimension, Making Mandalas.

If you are unsure why you’d need to take a class in what looks to be essentially the doodling you’d do on the phone or in a long meeting—I get it. That’s what I thought, too. we all have the innate ability to draw, many of us are less than confident about it after a lifetime of being told we’re not Rembrandt in many small ways, we do our little doodles and don’t think too much of them. in the Zentangle method, your doodle is elevated in this way: What was aimless doodling becomes a guided meditation in the use of specific (freely available on the internet and in nature) patterns created through a repetition that puts your mind into a restful “flow” state. combining the thousands of patterns, or even just a few, results in a unique piece of artwork that is yours alone. (Some informative links on meditation, art, Zentangle and mental health: Calm Down and Get Your Zentangle OnDoodling Your Way to a More Mindful LifeDoodling with purposeMaking Art Tied to Fewer Cognitive Problems in Old Age)

Another study is out: making bad art is good for you! Making good art is good for you, too, your body does not care which as long as you do it! Making Art Reduces Stress

as a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT, it’s a thing), I guide you through making complex artwork out of simple Zentangle patterns, demonstrate some patterning methods for making your versions truly unique, and shepherd individuals and groups to the meditative flow state in a supportive atmosphere of sharing and collaboration. in Zentangle there are no mistakes, there are only opportunities. in my classes, in addition to providing professional-grade archival artist materials, I will also be demonstrating techniques for shading, layering, depth and color that many people find daunting to try on their own.

I have to admit, this all sounded a bit “woo” to me, in the beginning—I’m not a big fan of woo. I first began doing Zentangle (as opposed to just drawing/doodling) in February 2014. by March 2014, I was completely hooked and amazed at the stacks of tiny delicate artwork I had generated in such a short time—Zentangle is quietly addictive! even though I have been a graphic designer most of my working life, and have a bachelors degree in fine art (BFA Drawing, no less), this method brought me renewed confidence in my ability to express myself through drawing. when I realized there were no more Zentangle training seminars in 2014, I took a class from a CZT in Anaheim which was very enlightening. it was a positive and refreshing environment, and even though we each had the same instructions in the class, the resulting artwork was starkly different. you may not know this, but art school is not the supportive atmosphere one would hope for, about like the business world, so the spirit of support and collaboration in these small classes was a revelation. afterwards, I hied myself to Providence, RI for the very first seminar available in 2015. (I am CZT 18, April 2015)

each CZT brings a different “angle to Zentangle,” and I plan to evolve my angle as time progresses. I have evolved classes that range from the basics of pulling together a first Zentangle tile to tangling on 3d objects and in colors.

I hope you will give it a try!







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