a tangledtype template at last

I’ve got a facebook group devoted to creating typographic backgrounds to tangle on. I’ve been keeping up with creating the templates, but very behind in actually tangling them, or shading/painting them, myself. It is very exasperating, there are just not enough … Read More

new TangledType header

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I finally finished the tangle for my facebook group header, I’m pretty happy with it. This image is from my iphone using the built-in setting “noir” which seems to work pretty well for the black and white stuff. Ink & … Read More

earth day template

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Yay! I finally finished one of my own templates in the same week it was published! (Swelling with pride here!) Ok, so it’s only the inked part, and I haven’t done shading yet, but still! This one is essentially unreadable … Read More

embrace uncertainty

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This is #08 from my facebook group TangledType. I used a lot of tangles here, it was so much fun. Pokeroot leaves, of course, with n’zeppel in the b and printemps in the u & n because they mirror each … Read More

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