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I am in a Zentangle artists swap group on facebook, which is really fun. I was out of town for a couple of weeks, and when I returned, I had a little mound of “happy mail” waiting for me. Wee pieces of intricate art from artists literally all over the world. It was a really nice welcome home!

This group starts a new swap each month, we swap with 10 or so other people, and you’ve got 3 months to complete a swap (thank goodness!) before anyone thinks you’re in arrears. so far, so good, I posted about my first swap a few weeks ago. I’ve signed up for a couple more swaps, and I got it into my head to do them both on a similar theme. One is for book marks, and one is for ATCs (artists trading cards, like baseball cards, only prettier).

I used my really amazing Brusho ink dusts (I don’t know what else you’d call them) to do light washes in similar colorways on a couple of 9×12″ sheets—after I’d measured for all the shapes I’d need. did I take a photo of the plain washes? no I did not! I did take a photo of my work desk afterwards. it’s pretty spectacular, I really love the magical Brusho, it looks like nothing and then just blooms into color insanity. I think next time I will reserve the drips in the middle and put them into a technical pen for the drawing part of the proceedings:

my messy beautiful desk

next, I had to figure out a layout of the tangles I wanted to use that would get a little bit of each one on each bookmark and ATC. I did a light pencil sketch of the plan. I know that is not “kosher” Zentangle, but this is a bigger project, not a single tile. then I started drawing in ink, using a .45 rapidograph loaded with Dick Blick Black Cat waterproof India ink. This is what each one looked like at the start:


light pencil “plan” and beginning to draw with ink

I really got carried away with these. I finished inking about 6 hours later, and boy was my hand tired. I’m really pleased with them, though. because they’re very similar imagery, I plan to do the ATCs and book marks in different colorways. The ATCs are meant to be watercolor only (except for the ink) and the book marks I think are anything goes, so I’ll use a bit of gel pen on them, too.

This is the result of a long day of inking and thinking on my lap desk:IMG_3528.JPG

next post: the end results!

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