another “art is good for you” study or 3

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wow, researchers are really doubling down on this topic lately! it’s a good thing, maybe we can get serious funding for arts in schools* back when the body of proof becomes overwhelming. meanwhile, check out the post (with links for doubters) on the usefulness of even crappy art creation on mental health and wellbeing. (study-says-art-makes-you-mentally-healthier-even-if-youre-not-good-at-it)

my favorite go-to reminder about art:

you gotta make a lot of crap, because in art, as in nature, it’s the crap that fertilizes the good stuff!

so go out there and create some beautiful, interesting, creative crap! or come see me and we’ll create some crap AND good stuff together!

*tirade #47 on public school funding:
when I was in elementary school in IL (dinosaurs roamed the earth), we had a dedicated music teacher located in a dedicated classroom full of various noise-making implements for all of us, and ANOTHER dedicated art teacher in yet ANOTHER classroom stocked with art-making materials. astonishingly, we mere children got to spend time with these professional educators EVERY DAY in a separate room from our regular teacher, who presumably took the time to plan the rest of our day and grade our work. there was even a separate PE teacher! can you imagine?

now I live in CA, formerly the location of the best schools in the USA, where the PTAs and local district foundations are obliged to scrape together $ to fund a few weeks of outside vendors to come in and teach our kids about art and music. PE is taught by the regular classroom teacher, who is obliged to take the planning of student’s days and grading of their schoolwork home to deal with after hours. and maybe get a part-time job to cover supplies the government, PTA & foundation overlooked. (teachers are limited to deduct less than $250 off their taxes for this, btw.) is it any wonder people can’t really relate to making art these days?

but we have this instead, so who needs a well-rounded education.

tbake-sale-for-bombers-posterhe more things change, the more they stay the same: this poster is vivid in my memory, it came out when I was a child in 1979. and my mom was baking for school supplies. 35 years later, I still need to do it, too. makes you wonder about national priorities.

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