Kimberly June 2015Hello, I’m Kimberly.

This is my space for cataloging explorations in the meditative art of Zentangle. calming meditation is all the rage these days, but my febrile ADD brain is just not having it, and I don’t do woo. I discovered Zentangle in February 2014 while I was looking for some way to “free my

mathmobile image
I designed the graphics on this roving demo duo almost 20 years ago with the aid of a mathematician. It looks a bit Zentangle, doesn’t it?

mind” for creative endeavors, not the least of which is my small graphic design business. Zentangle works for me. It might work for you.

After a long hiatus spent raising 2 boy-people to teenagers and using my mad creative skillz for schools and PTAs, stepping back into the professional world seemed insurmountably daunting. It still does, but I am getting more confident as I go. A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same.

I have been a distance cyclist, a bicycle mechanic, a civilian illustrator for the Navy and Air Force (US), a software illustrator and trainer, a graphic designer, run a computer lab, lived on freelancing and built myself a studio from the ground up. (actually, from below the ground up.) I am a wife & mom, a fiberholic reformed weaver, a compulsive hand knitting machine, an average calligrapher and seamstress, a loyal though imperfect friend and a relentlessly practical do-it-herself-er. I have big plans, but I know they will take a while to fully form.

Zentangle appeals because it speaks to the best art and life advice I ever received:

a mistake repeated is a design element.

now, to practice. one stroke at a time.


PS: what’s with the weird name this site is a subdomain to my graphic design site, i didn’t want to manage yet another domain name. I was looking for a business name that was meaningful, and would work with top level domain extensions (.com, .net, etc.) “.me” was the new kid in town a few years ago, and I found the word grapheme, which is the smallest mark or stroke in a written language—that pretty much covers everything I could do! so I used it, hence studio not to be confused with graphene, which is super cool, but completely different.

PPS: if you are a grammar stickler, which I kind of am, please note: I am intentionally leaving off a lot of capital letters because it’s good for me to break rules. sometimes, we are more creative when there is that super annoying little grain of sand irritating us. like the lack of caps here and there. sometimes it just makes us cranky, though.


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