a tangledtype template at last

I’ve got a facebook group devoted to creating typographic backgrounds to tangle on. I’ve been keeping up with creating the templates, but very behind in actually tangling them, or shading/painting them, myself. It is very exasperating, there are just not enough hours in the day! This is one I’ve inked and shaded recently, I even had time to create a color version for once!

For those interested in the details, I do inking with a .30 rapidograph in dick blick black cat waterproof ink. Shading is either with an ebony pencil or a General’s layout #555 pencil, color this time is with Schmincke watercolors with an overlay of various Sakura gel and metallic pens. I used Windsor & Newton watercolor masking fluid on the letters before starting. I started re-outlining the letters after I took the mask off, then decided it was too much trouble for not enough payoff. You can see it on the “h.” Minor correction on the white with a white gel pen, which is usually too yellow for drawing paper but worked ok on off-white watercolor paper (which is from a W&N 140# spiral pad I got at dick blick)


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