3 tangles, 1 color swap

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IMG_3664clearly, i’ve been spending too much time on swaps, but they are fun! this one is to do tiles with, obviously, 3 tangles in one color—that is not black. I have an under-used set of Staedtler ball points in weird colors laying around, and this was the perfect opportunity to put them to some use. they’re not too bad with the shading, being ball-point, they respond pretty well to light pressure. actually, I have them around for doing crosswords and sudoku for precisely this reason, i find it cheery to do puzzles in colored ink, but I like pens that I can make a light mark with for when I’m not positive about the answers—pencil seems too easy, somehow. pretty sure I got this set at Staples on sale last year for cheap.

as you can see, there is a bit of a method to my tile set-up. I made a point of using a border tangle and two fills on each one, some new to me, some old friends. I think these tiles came out pretty well, all in all. I’ve made high res scans so I can print them as decorative flags around my zentangle classes.

here are all my swap tiles; if you received one, here are the rest! hover your cursor for the tangle names, or, click on an image to get a larger slide show with captions.

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