2 swaps done!

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so I’ve finally finished (and even sent!) the swap art begun in my earlier post. the project(s) came out pretty well, I think. I was trying to do both swaps with the same artwork, but different colorways, and that part was successful. below, I’ve posted the purple and silver based bookmark swap (the June one, I think?) and below that is the same artwork with a orange and gold theme for a watercolor ATC swap (definitely August).

After I penciled in the cut lines on 4 sheets of 9×12″ watercolor paper, I carefully planned the design so that each bookmark or ATC would have a fair amount of each tangle used on it. Here are a couple of the sheets (there were 4) after the background watercolor and waterproof inking:(click for bigger)


on the purple bookmarks, I used watercolor (of course) and some gel pen for accents, along with fin tec silver watercolor, which I loooove. for the orange ATCs, I was restricted to just watercolor, and I used fin tec gold. On the ATCs I spent more time doing watercolor shading than I did with the bookmarks. After paint, before cutting apart (mostly):(click for bigger)


for both, I started out with brusho watercolor ink dust backgrounds, then used dick blick black cat waterproof india ink in my rapidograph for inking, and caron d’ache watercolors for the most part. the purple is actually a lovely magenta from a new schminke set that I got recently.

Off they go:

IMG_3608 lores

I did glue my personalized pre-printed ATC cards to the back of the watercolor ATCs. Not sure that was a great idea, but it’s done now, so there it is. I think they came out quite pretty, all in all, but I did get sort of bored with the pattern toward the end of things.

IMG_3638 lores

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