a relaxing return & vets who draw

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A tangle I drew this weekend using the guidelines available on the wonderful Adele Bruno’s site Tickled to Tangle, home of the weekly “It’s a String Thing” challenge, aka “IAST.” This is IAST 162, using Ing, Hollibaugh & Bubbles. I’ve taken a bit of a break from tangling in favor of watercolor in the last month or three, but I am finding it just as rewarding as ever, and managed to whip out 9 tiles over the weekend.

Here is a wonderful article about a group of Veterans putting pen to paper for the stress reduction benefits, where they are describing it as “yoga for the mind.” Love to see that Vets are getting CZT certified so they can pass it on to others, as well. I need to look into teaching at the VA, that looks like a rewarding thing to do.


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